Date Footprint
Bonus: 10 CP
The character is particularly sloppy about keeping a lid on their daily living, online, and social networking interactions, leaving a larger data footprint than usual in the public eye. Apply a +10 modifier to any Research Tests to gather information on the character or track them online (see Scanning, Tracking, and Monitoring, p. 251, EP) and any Networking Tests to ascertain the character’s networking interactions (see Keeping It Quiet, p. 288, EP).

Fast Metabolism (morph trait)
Bonus: 5 CP
The morph’s metabolism runs hot, requiring the character to eat two to three times as much food as a normal character with similar body mass. Food tends to be plentiful and cheap in most transhuman settlements, but this trait can pose a problem in remote areas or when visiting settlements with limited resources. The character must plan ahead and pack enough food on expeditions. If the character is eating off their rep, they must expend two trivial favors each day for the additional food they require. If the character is unable to obtain enough food, they lose SOM at the rate of one point per day until they resume their usual caloric intake. This trait is only available for biomorphs (including uplifts and pods).

Impaired Balance
Bonus: 10 CP (Level 1), 20 CP (Level 2), or 30 CP (Level 3)
This trait is only available to neo-pigs. This uplift’s brain has not been fully adapted to the neo-pig’s bipedal stance and still suffers occasional difficulties with balance. The character suffers a −10 modifier per level to any Climbing, Freerunning, or similar test involving balance or upright movement.

Impaired Hearing (morph trait)
Bonus: 5 CP
This trait is only available to octomorphs. This morph lacks the transgenic hearing modifications of modern octomorph designs. The morph can only hear low sounds in the 400–1,000 Hertz range (as opposed to the 20–20,000 Hertz range enjoyed by most transhumans) and hears poorly when not underwater. Apply a −30 modifier to any hearing-based Perception Tests. At the gamemaster’s discretion, certain medium and high-frequency sounds may be inaudible as they are outside the morph’s range.

This lack of hearing may be compensated for with audio implants or microphones and mesh inserts.

Impaired Linguistics
Bonus: 10 CP (Level 1) or 20 CP (Level 2)
This trait is only available to uplifts. This uplift’s particular brain structure has difficulty processing language. At Level 1, the uplift loses some of their ability to speak, read, and comprehend things spoken by others when they suffer from stress. Each time the uplift suffers a trauma, they must make a Language Test at −10 to speak (both verbal and via mesh inserts) or comprehend (reading or listening) anything above the most basic words and information. This test only needs to be made once for each language, but for each additional trauma suffered, the test must be made again, with an additional cumulative −10 modifier. If the uplift loses their language abilities, they will recover them when that particular trauma is healed. In the meantime, they can only convey and understand basic, one-word, one-syllable concepts, such as “eat” or “run.”

At Level 2, the uplift’s language centers are permanently hobbled. Their free natural Language skill at character creation is 40 + INT, and no Language skill may be raised above 60. Additionally, they must make make a Language Test to convey or comprehend particularly complex information or sentences at a −10 modifier. At the gamemaster’s discretion, this may also impair other skill tests, particularly Knowledge skills when dealing with detailed data or specialist terminology. Level 2 does not incorporate Level 1 effects.

Planned Obsolescence (morph trait)
Bonus: 5 CP
The morph is a hypercorp model that requires periodic GSP (Genetic Service Pack) therapy. For every three months of game time, the character must spend credits equal to 10% the cost of the morph on GSP “upgrades.” If they fail to do so, the morph’s SOM is reduced by 5 until the character gets their GSP therapy. These penalties are cumulative over time (at 6 months, 9 months, etc.), but getting GSP therapy once removes all penalties. The character suffers no SOM loss if the majority of a given 3 month period was spent in hibernation, in a healing vat, or in some other form of metabolic suspension. The SOM reduction is due to low level neural degradation, minor tumors, joint pain, and other problems that crop up and express later as hypercorp genetic designers working on tight budgets and tighter deadlines race to release morph models with extra value-added features. While theoretically over many years this trait would lead to the early death of the morph, in game terms the morph stops accruing penalties when its SOM is reduced to 5. The character regains their normal SOM score if they resleeve. This trait is only available to biomorphs (including uplifts and pods).

Bonus: 15 CP
This character is a social hermit or went through a period of self-imposed isolation, limiting the amount of interactions they have via online social networks. Because the character is out of touch, their ability to network with others is impaired. Apply a −10 modifier to Networking Tests.

Bonus: 10 CP
A voyeur obsessively stalks this character’s actions online. The gamemaster and player should work out details of the stalker together, and the gamemaster should use the stalker as a plot element to create occasional nuisances and challenges. The stalker could, for example, be a fan who over-appreciates the character’s work and pesters them or a unknown entity that follows the character’s actions religiously and posts the details to an online log.

Stolen Identity
Bonus: 10 CP
Someone stole this character’s identity and took advantage of their name, reputation, background—the works. Though this happened in the past, the situation was never fully resolved and the character is plagued with collateral difficulties from the theft. The gamemaster and player should work out details of the incident together, and the gamemaster should use this to occasionally hinder the character or create complications. For example, the character may have to deal with criminal charges against them in one habitat, angry thugs looking for payback on another, and so on.

Wait, That Was YOU?
Bonus: 10 CP
This character was the unfortunate star of a viral meme that swept through the solar system’s mesh networks—provoking anger, disgust, or mockery towards them. To this day, strangers who access the character’s social profile are likely to connect them to that meme, coloring their perception of the character. Once per game session, the gamemaster may decide that a stranger with whom the character is interacting and who has access to the character’s online public profile makes the connection. The character suffers a one-time −20 modifier to any social skill or Networking Test with that stranger.

Weak Grip (morph trait)
Bonus: 10 CP
This trait is only available to neo-avian and neo-pig morphs. The physiology of this particular morph is flawed in that the opposable digits on the hands are not fully formed or operational. A character in this morph loses their damage bonus in melee attacks and suffers a −10 modifier on subdual tests (p. 204, EP) and any other tests involving their grip, hand strength, or ability to hold on.


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