Coronal Adaptation (morph trait)
Cost: 30 CP
For biomorphs, this radical alteration enables the subject’s metabolism to live off solar energy, using medichines to repair radiation damage. This same metabolism also generates powerful electromagnetic fields that protect the character from the intense temperatures and radiation in the coronal environment and even enable the character to sail the solar winds. Morphs with this adaptation cannot survive outside the coronal environment (or similar environments) for more than a few days without extensive medical support. Coronal adaptation can only be applied to morphs that also have medichines (p. 308, EP).

For synthmorphs, this adaptation restructures the morph’s composition with heat-resistant materials capable of surviving superheated plasma and shielded against radiation. The shell is also equipped with refractive metamaterials and a perfectly mirrored surface, giving it an albedo of nearly one. The reflective surface protects the wearer from well over 99% of the radiant energy that falls upon it, but a powerful cooling system and extensive radiation shielding are required for the minuscule percentage of energy that slips through. Generated electromagnetic fields also protect the morph and enable propulsion along solar magnetic lines.

This adaptation provides a +10 modifier to the biomorph’s Free Fall skill tests in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields. It also provides 10 points of Energy armor against heat and electromagnetic-based attacks (such as lasers, microwaves, and plasma weapons, but not explosions).

High-Temperative Operation (morph trait)
Cost: 10 CP
This morph has been designed to operate only in high-temperature environments, enabling them to withstand temperatures up to 1,000 C. This morph loses 1 point of COO for every 5 minutes it spends at temperatures lower than 250 C, and 1 point of COO for every minute that it spends below 150 C. When its COO equals zero the morph becomes completely immobile. This same penalty is applied to all COO-based skill rolls. The morph’s cyberbrain and mesh access still work in these circumstances, but the morph cannot physically move under its own power. Even if placed back in higher temperatures, if it was previously reduced to total immobility, the morph halves its COO and SOM (round down) until it has been serviced.

This trait may only be applied to synthmorphs. It provides 5 points of Energy armor against heat-based attacks (such as lasers, microwaves, and plasma weapons, but not explosions).

Home Turf
Cost: 10 CP
This character knows a particular habitat like the back of their hand, paw, or tentacle, having grown up there or spent years familiarizing themselves. They receive an extra point of Moxie that may only be used for tests that apply to that habitat, such as navigating the best route, bypassing airlock controls, or hacking its infrastructure.

Information Control
Cost: 10 CP
This character has a knack for diligence and caution in their daily living, online, and social networking interactions, reducing the amount of extraneous or sensitive information about themselves that leaks out in the public eye. Apply a −10 modifier to any Research Tests to gather information on the character or track them online (see Scanning, Tracking, and Monitoring, p. 251, EP) and any Networking Tests to ascertain the character’s networking interactions (see Keeping It Quiet, p. 288, EP).

Social Butterfly
Cost: 15 CP
This character is a promiscuous abuser of online social networks. Because they go out of their way to make new connections and interact with people, they find it slightly easier to get what they need. Apply a +10 modifier to Networking Tests.

You’re THAT Guy!
Cost: 10 CP
Sometime in the past, this character got their 5 minutes of mesh fame in a funny viral meme that swept the solar system. To this day, strangers who access the character’s social profile are likely to connect them to that meme. Though tedious for the character, there is a positive side effect, as these strangers remember the meme fondly and are more likely to help the character out. Once per game session, the gamemaster may decide that a stranger with whom the character is interacting and who has access to the character’s online public profile recognizes the character. The character receives a one-time +20 bonus to any social skill or Networking Test with that stranger.


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